20ft reinell - 10 passenger

Sleek, low profile curves will send your heart racing with a single glance! Reinell’s very popular all sport family runabout, delivers excellent handling and a smooth, comfortable ride. With a large interior layout and lots of storage space, this boat will easily accommodate all of your favorite water sport activities.

SPECIAL Half Day Morning (4 hours) $265.00 Monday - Thursday, must start by 10am

Rental Rates

$115.00 - 1 hour

$315.00 - Half Day (4 hours)

$440.00 - Full Day (8 hours)


Open Bow

Captains Chairs

Excellent towing everyone on skis or tubes

20ft Reinell left-800.jpg
20ft Reinell bow-800.jpg
20ft Reinell right-800.jpg
20ft Reinell rear-800.jpg